June 5, 2018

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update.  Hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend!  Things are moving along on site.  ConEd finished their street work and the final fencing is installed along Clinton Street.  We are completely done with the foundations portion of the project and are starting to bring the last floors of the basement up to grade.  We have poured up to the 2nd floor and expect to pour the 3rd floor this week.  Things are happening quickly!

May 22, 2018

With the bad weather last week, things maybe seemed a little dull around the site.  But we made some good headway in our foundation area last week and the second floor deck was formed.  This week, there will be a lot of concrete coming on site before we head into the holiday weekend.  The weather is much better this week, so we’re taking advantage of that.

May 15, 2018

Things are getting busy on site.  Utility work started last week and will continue for the next two to three weeks.  The crane is fully operational so don’t be alarmed when you see it moving – it’s actually supposed to spin in the wind!  (It’s called weathervaning, which is a safety feature to relieve stress from the weather.)  We are working on the Mezzanine floor for the library and the second floor of the residential tower right now, which you’ll see sticking up above the construction fence.

May 1, 2018

The tower crane was installed this past weekend.  Last Friday, we poured the first third of the first floor and next week we will pour another third.  This week, you’ll see the sidewalk bridges installed on Cadman Plaza West.  There will be a lot of changes to the site over the next several weeks as we change over from doing foundation work to building the structure of the building.

April 23, 2018

Good things are on the horizon for this week.  We plan to pour a lot of concrete in the next week and a half so that 2/3 of the building will be at grade.  Weather permitting, our crane will be installed this weekend.  Our goal is to have the crane erected before the NYC Bike Tour, which happens on Sunday, May 6th.  Cadman Plaza West will be closed that day to all vehicles and pedestrians and you’ll see “Detour” signs on Cadman that day.  Once the crane is on site, we will also start installing our sidewalk bridges and pedestrian lane closures for Clinton Street.  The east side of Clinton Street will be closed to pedestrians once this goes up, so please plan ahead.

April 3, 2018

This week, we are pouring the Mat “A” and “B” cellar slabs.  DOT has approved our permits to install the Tower Crane, which will be erected by the end of this weekend, weather permitting.  This will be a major tool to help the team build this building!

March 19, 2018

The 280 Cadman team has just celebrated the “bottoming out” of the site, which means we’ve poured the concrete slab-on-grade for the deepest area of the building.  This week, the construction team will be pouring footings for the foundation and preparing for the next concrete pour.  The logistics plan for the crane is also being worked out and finalized, so look for that to come in early April.

March 12, 2018

The TG Nickel team will reach the bottom of the site this week and celebrate the “bottoming out” of the project.  The building is on the rise.  Our mass pours are behind us and this week we expect to pour the first basement for two thirds of the site.  Keep your eye to the sky because the crane is coming!

February 12, 2018

TG Nickel is continuing with soil excavation on the southern portion of the site.  The first portion of the foundation walls are being poured.  TG Nickel is also installing rebar in preparation for the second continuous pour for “mat B”, which is scheduled for 2/24.

February 4, 2018

TG Nickel has successfully completed the first continuous pour of the mat “A” portion of the foundation.  2,150 cubic yards of concrete were delivered to the site across 215 trucks, sourced from 3 different concrete plants.  This was a major achievement for our team, as it allowed us to complete a large section of the building’s foundation over one weekend rather than breaking it up over several work weeks.